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Introduction by Ralph from Kuleshov

Da Fei

In his second feature film Da Fei tells a warm story of the cross-generational friendship between two strangers: Jia, an older man who has lost his son, and Seven, a middle school girl who runs from debt with her mother.


As a coffin painter, the traditional Chinese craftsman who draws religious symbols on coffins, Jia witnesses people’s different attitudes towards their families living and dead.


As time passes by, the three characters with distinct personalities drift closer and bring company and warmth to each other. 


Jia waits for the killer to leave prison. Seven and her mother move to his neighborhood, which changes him. Will he still want vengeance?


By depicting the mundane daily life in the remote town, Da Fei embodies people’s loneliness in an indifferent world.

The sincere and gloomy tone of the film drives us to feel the characters’ burdens and sorrow. 

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Da Fei ⼤ ⻜ , a Chinese film writer and director, graduated from Shanxi Media College in 2007. In 2018, Silent Winter was produced. It was selected in the First Time Filmmaker Section of the 42nd Montreal International Film Festival. It won more than 20 nominations and awards including Best Film, Best Screenwriter at South Africa Independent Film Festival, and Best Original Screenplay at the London International Film Festival in 2019.


2006 - Short film -  Free Flight

2018 - Feature film - Silent Winter

2021 - Feature Film - The Coffin Painter

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