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Made in China vzw


Katrien Coupez & Iege Vanwalle, sinologists since the beginning of the Nineties of last century with a never-ceasing interest in China’s past and future. 

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Made in China Festival

Made in China vzw was founded and is supported by two passionate sinologists who have set the goal of opening up Chinese contemporary culture to the inhabitants of Ghent, the Flemish & Walloons and the Chinese inhabitants of Belgium.

Building bridges, bringing people closer together, providing insight into new, different perspectives... Critical, unbiased through film, documentary, virtual reality, art, literature, music and debate.

Bringing Chinese culture and authentic contemporary China closer to us to achieve a better mutual understanding!

We're on a mission! It only makes us (spiritually) richer!


Made in China Festival wants to illuminate Contemporary China in all its facets. We aim to create a modest but reliable, high-quality platform where art, culture and current affairs in China are highlighted on different locations in Ghent. Various sectors are being brought together, to share knowledge and offer a window on the rich and challenging cultural variety that China provides in order to establish a forum for debate on evolutions in the social-economical-cultural field and offer 'China' a face and a permanent place/basis in Ghent.


“Made in China” refers on the one hand to all Chinese-made-artifacts surrounding our daily lives without us being conscious about who the people of China really are, on the other hand are the films, the short movies, the documentaries shown during the Festival made by Chinese film directors and being watched by large audiences in China. The interactive Performances  created by artists and the Talks held by ardent China-professionals are inspired by China.


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