Love You Forever

Growing up together closely as playmates, Lin Ge (Lee Hongchi) and Qiu Qian (Li Yitong) are reunited in the same high school. Qiu, however, becomes cold and distant because of issues in her family. Lin, on the other hand, believes their love is predestined and unshakable. With the help of Lin’s friends, the little lovebirds rekindle the spark eventually. Just when Lin is prepared to confess his love to her, Qiu is killed in an accident. Saddened, Lin vows to pay with his lifespan for a chance to travel back in time to save his lover. Qiu is saved but all of Lin’s presence is wiped off from Qiu’s memory. The intertwining fate of the lovers leads them to meet each other again and again. They tell a sweet story of romance that goes beyond time and distance.