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Catherine Vuylsteke is a sinologist, writer and journalist. She wrote about China in Volksrepubliek van Verlangen and Het gewicht van Hemelse Vrede. She was Asia representative for De Morgen for 25 years, and now works for Knack, Klara and De Standaard der Letteren.

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Tom Van de Weghe is a VRT journalist specializing in China and Asia. He learned Chinese and in 2007 founded the first correspondent bureau from Beijing. For five years he reported for VRT on the most important events and developments in the region. He wrote the book 'Beestig China' about this period. Together with his wife, he also compiled a book about culinary traditions in Asia.  After his stay in China, Van de Weghe became America correspondent and bureau chief in Washington DC until 2016. In recent years, as a research fellow at Stanford University, he has investigated the impact of technology on geopolitical relations between China, Europe and the US.

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Prof. dr. Ching Lin PANG is coordinator of the Chinese language and culture group and academic director of the Postgraduate Program China-Europe Cultural Curatorship Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Antwerp. She has written extensively on migration, mobility, entrepreneurship, gender, ethnic food, urban studies, material culture, fashion, arts and intercultural communication often related to Chinese overseas communities (books, articles, editorials; columns, conference proceedings) besides participating in China-related public events in Belgium and beyond (the Netherlands).


She is globally connected with several academic networks working with international migration and diversity in Europe, China and Japan. She has been a long standing member of the Metropolis Conference, Europe-Canada.


She is the general editor of the China series ‘China Matters’ published by KU Leuven and editorial board member of the Cosmopolitan Civil Societies: An interdisciplinary Journal, issued by the Technical University of Sydney. As an intermediate generation Belgian with Chinese roots she speaks several languages including Dutch, English, French, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and Japanese in addition to Latin.




Her most recent publications include Urban Art and Cosmopolitanism: Re-imagining the Hybrid City through Art. Cosmopolitan Civil Societies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 14:2; Terroir in a Dress. Understanding Antwerp-Style Fashion, TEXTILE (2021); Sustaining Urban Public Spaces through Everyday Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism: the Case of the Art Center Recyclart. Cosmopolitan Civil Societies, 14:2; Intercultural Conviviality and Cultural Commoning: Square Dancing and the Creation of Inclusive Public Space by ‘dama’ or Elderly Female Performers in Post-Reform China. In The Rise of the Common City by Volont, L., Lijster, T. & Gielen, P. (2022)

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