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Introduction by Alexander of Kuleshov

Director: Olvier Meys

Lina, an ambitious young woman, leaves her husband and her son in China to go to Paris to ensure them a better future. But once in Europe nothing goes as planned and she locks herself in a world of lies so as not to give up on her dream. 


It is impossible to return to China, losing face is a big taboo, imprisoning herself in a world of lies, while her husband celebrates her success. When her sister-in-law is at her door, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up appearances.

Olivier Meys
A graduate in Cinema and Radio production at the Institute of Broadcasting Arts (IAD - Belgium, 2000), Olivier Meys quickly left to work in China. A privileged witness to the major social changes experienced by this country in recent years,
Olivier Meys has produced numerous radio documentaries on the spot that have won awards at several international festivals (Grand Prix radio de la SCAM 2007, Grand Prix Nagra for creation at the Length Brest wave 2010).
Olivier Meys has also made short films and documentaries, including “Vies nouvelles”, First Film Prize at the Traces de Vies festival (2005) and “Qian men Qian”, SCAM International Prize “Cinéma du réel” 2008.

"Bitter Flowers" is his first feature film.
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