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March 15 / 14:30


王柯 Wang Ke
2022/ Animation, Short / China / 9 min

SYNOPSIS / After failing in the ring, Bökh wrestler Temur returns to the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, where he seems to catch a glimpse of his old indomitable self in the form of a younger wrestler.

DIRECTOR / WANG Ke, graduated from Jinan University in Guangdong with a bachelor’s degree in animation. He is the founder of PAPA Animation, he’s also a director, producer, screenwriter, and storyboard artist.

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT / This is a long-gestating story of a Bökhwrestler from the grasslands. Over the course of the year-long process, from the planning stages to its final form, the story went through many drafts that included elements of science fiction, post-apocalyptic cyberpunk, and even ethnic mythology, not to mention settings and concepts that would help it spread across the Internet. These ideas were all abandoned in the end when I discovered I wanted to tell a simple story, one that encompasses sport, grassland culture, and family. Over and over, the words “national character” and “destiny” surfaced in my mind: through the many difficulties of the past few years, “tenacity” has been the defining element of national character. And my understanding of destiny is this: when someone can no longer put up any resistance, it will be inescapable fate that finally runs headlong into him.



March 15 / 14:30


朱晓  Zhu Xiaopeng
2022/ Animation, Short / China / 9 min

SYNOPSIS / The intern Li Wei, as a test subject of artificial intelligence, faces the temptation and persecution of the central system in an experiment where the boundaries of morality and humanity seem to be unfortunately out of control, and still chooses to sacrifice herself to preserve humankind.

DIRECTOR / Eddie K Chu (Zhu Xiaopeng), from Shantou, Guangdong China. He is an animation director. He has been engaged in episodic animation, original comics, film, and animation commercials. Since graduation, he has worked on TV animation's pre-production original comics production. In 2015, he joined the advertising industry and worked in advertising screenplay, animation, art design, and CG, he participated in nearly a hundred commercial projects including the 6th anniversary MV of "Glory of Kings", bilibili theme works, and "WeirdStory". He has won many industry awards. His original animation "Yingge" (in production)has been reported by media in China. In 2021, he joined Solid Studio and worked as director.

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT / With technological innovation comes a question that deserves to be explored: the balance between technology and human ethics. How do we balance the relationship between the two? This is the question we want to explore in this film "Boundary". Some people say that the summit of science will eventually meet with humanities, while others say that science was originally born out of philosophy. We try to combine the exploration of artificial intelligence and traditional philosophy in our animation creation and try to bring you a different kind of sci-fi work in this form, and behind a simple story we hope to make people think and discuss these issues together.

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