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Ruben Terlou & Catherine Vuylsteke


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Ruben Terlou (1985) is known as the presenter and documentary maker of three VPRO series about China, in which he gave a unique insight into the heart and soul of the Chinese and their society, partly due to his excellent command of the Chinese language.

However, he is also a photographer and doctor. He studied Mandarin in China, after which he studied General Medicine at the University of Amsterdam. He graduated cum laude as a doctor in 2013.
Following this, he was awarded an AMC Graduate School Scholarship for PhD research on leukemia.
As a documentary photographer he was active in Asia and the Middle East. In 2008 and 2009 he won a first, second and third prize of the Zilveren Camera and received the Canon Prize for young talent.
In 2016 he was the winner of the Prize for Innovative Photojournalism.

Since he made 'Langs de oevers van de Yangtze' for the VPRO in 2016, he has mainly been active as a documentary maker.
Catherine Vuylsteke

Catherine Vuylsteke is sinologe, schrijfster en journaliste.

Ze schreef over China in Volksrepubliek van Verlangen en Het gewicht van Hemelse Vrede

Ze was 25 jaar lang Azië-verantwoordelijke voor De Morgen en werkt nu voor Knack, Klara en De Standaard der Letteren. 

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