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March 23 / 20:00


2021 / Drama - LGBTQIA+/
Taiwan - Austria / 116 min
Mandarin / Subtitles: English

SYNOPSIS / Fei makes a living in the big city working as a hustler.
His world collapses when he realizes that his family accepts his money but not his homosexuality. Broken-hearted, Fei struggles to create a new beginning in his life.

The film was selected to compete in the

Un Certain Regard
section at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

'The fact that I located the story in China is due above all to personal reasons. Having grown up in the Chinese countryside is linked to so many experiences that are not visible through living in Europe, but which I carry within me like a mother tongue that hasn’t been spoken for a long time. Dealing with the world of my homeland gave me confidence and security in my work, because I feel a special connection to the people, their peculiarities and conflicts. I presume, it is also important to deal at least once withone’s origins in one’s artistic career.'



Moneyboys is striking because it's a rare film that depicts homosexuality in China, and it does so with sensitivity and warmth for the turmoil that being an outsider can cause someone.



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C.B. Yi

Director & Writer
Austrian - Chinese director, screenwriter and producer C.B. Yi was born in China but immigrated to Austria as a teen. He studied at the Vienna Film Academy underthe guidance of Michael Hanekeand Christian Berger.A Sinology major, he first encountered the topic of gay prostitution nearly two decades ago while studying abroad to improve his language skills at the Beijing Film Academy, where he discovered that a classmate was hustling on the side to help his ill mother.
Yi first planned a documentary about money boys, but later morphed it into a fiction over concerns that it might put subjects at risk in a country where prostitution remains illegal and there are few legal rights for LGBTQ citizens.



Introduction by Ralph Vandamme
Kuleshov - Urgent FM

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