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The Real China 

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谢谢 Thank you all for being part of the first Made in China Festival ❤️ With a sold-out Minard we are happy to say that our first edition was a success! ☘️

谢谢 Thank you to all our partners, technicians, staff, volunteers, the Minard, and of course LUCA School of Arts and Wim Forceville, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts - Shenyang China  and Zeng Yue, Song Baifeng (VR education area, senior technology explorers - LAFA VR Lab) / Sun Lixiang (post graduate student), 

Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert for their performance, Manya Koetse & Pascal Coppens for their very interesting talks,

Steamy windows for the delicious food, Hu Min for the beautiful photo exhibition,

Boekhandel Walry for the great book corner, the fascinating VR experience, the hosts of for their funny and interesting introductions to the films, and many more 🙏

Also happy to announce that there will be a next edition of Made in China Festival at Minard in 2021. Stay tuned ✨

January 26th 2020 - Minard (Sold Out)
February 6th - 13th - 23rd- 27th - SPHINX
February 26th 2020 - Kopergietery/Rabot Toreke
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