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         HAZEL LAM

Interview with artist & screening of art short movies
Spring Steps

2021/ Short movie / Hong Kong / 8 min

Beyond Distance
2017 / short movie / Ghent / 4 min 50


Hazel Lam is a multi-disciplinary artist with an immense interest in collaborative work. Trained in dance (Manchester), contemporary circus (Sheffield, Turin and London) and music (Hong Kong), Hazel creates visually and conceptually compelling performances in theatre, film and outdoor work with artists employing different media. She is currently touring internationally with her full-length solo LIGHTHOUSE. Her research aims to develop a common language across these three artistic fields through harmonious yet contradictory amalgamations that aim to push the boundaries of what each of these fields can be. She devotes herself in conversations and projects that concern equal representation of artists from diverse backgrounds through discoursing with artists inthe dance and theatre scene. Alongside her performances, she is teaching regular and masterclasses in aerial disciplines and creative

approach to movement in the air in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Serbia and Hong Kong.Hazel is currently reading philosophy at Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven with a focus on aesthetics and political philosophy. She is one of the contributors for publications such as F***ing Good Provocation by Jane Chan and Breve Intermedio by Santiago Manuel Fernandez.Hazel was one of the winners of The Great Belgian Dance Showcase (De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine) in 2018 and the recipient of Cambridge Junction’s Troop New Ideas Fund with her solo LIGHTHOUSE in 2018. Additionally, Hazel was a participant of BETA CIRCUS, a year-long EU programme that highlights a specific new trend in contemporary circus aesthetics: illusionism and new magic. Hazel is currently on the Board of Trustees of Jones the Dance, a dance company based in the heart of Wales. She is also a reviewer for RESOLUTION FESTIVAL 2022 at The Place London.


spring steps.png

Conceived and filmed in Spring 2021, Hazel explores the theme of "body against cityscape" at various locations in Hong Kong Island. After having spent most of her life in Europe, she returns to Hong Kong in 2021 and tries to understand a city that she used to know. Major changes that happened during her absence have made it unrecognisable to her. She reaches out, with the only form of communication she knows - touch, and tries to establish a relationship with the streets of Hong Kong.


beyond distance.png

A short screendance exploring some visual images of ‘body against cityscape’. Filmed in Ghent, Belgium 2017.

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