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March 16 / 20:00


Chan Kin-Long
2021 / Action, Crime / Hong Kong / 101 min

Cantonese / Subtitles: English

The British-Chinese soldiers represent the past, while the young men from different nation who are struggling for survival represent the present. The film is the reflection of a unique formation of the Hong Kong society, which not only addresses the identity issue, but also a racial conflicts and differences in intergenerational values.

SYNOPSIS / A former Hong Kong Military Service Corps officer becomes caught in a triad

manhunt when he takes in a South Asian man carrying a bag of stolen drugs. Forced to live under the same roof, the two men transcend their cultural differences to form an unlikely friendship in this poignant tale of loyalty and brotherhood. Reminiscent of the golden age of Hong Kong action cinema but given a neo-noir spin, actor Kin Long Chan makes his directorial debut with this gritty bromance drama of two people struggling in a city that has left them behind. 


“Hand Rolled Cigarette” is an impressive neo-noir crime drama. Chan Kin-long manages to direct a very human tale about camaraderie and loyalty, while also maintaining a sense of suspense and a very thoughtful visual approach to the urban setting of the feature.

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Kin Long Chan

Chan graduated from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong.

His talent was discovered by the celebrated director Fruit Chan in 2013 and he entered the profession by his first cast as Glu-Stick in the film entitled “The Midnight After”. He also initialized the project “Hand Rolled Cigarette”, which won the award for “the 4th First Feature Film Initiative (FFFI)”.



Introduction by Thomas Hoebeke
Kuleshov - Urgent FM

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