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MARCH 19th - 19:30
Concerts & Visual Arts


The Wonderful Chinese-European World of music & visual arts

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Geoffrey Burton       © Peter De Bruyne

FOYER  19:00



TJA LING HU Before I was Born-  a series of dazzlingly beautiful drawings, a wordless search for answers hidden deep in different dimensions. The drawings have to be seen in a circular way, a never ending continuation of life… the drawings are also projected in a loop.


YAN CONG & WEN LING Beijing based cartoonists; projection of a selection by their hand of their recent work


SARAH YU ZEEBROEK drawings made with offerpaper of her Chinese mother….



Bookstore Walry selected a unique range of Chinese literature (fiction and non-fiction), books related to China, in Dutch, English or French especially for Made in China Festival! You will surely find something to your liking!


MAIN HALL   19:30 – 21:30


19:30            SARAH YU ZEEBROEK introduction
                     NOËMI & LOTUS
“MOTHER-LAND” Both adopted, both raised in a Belgian family, both having
a biological mother living in China, both feeling from an early age as if
something is missing. Missing their mothers, their homeland, identity, roots,..?
Noëmi & Lotus will explore on March 19th – by means of words and drawings
- this feeling of ongoing confusion about what China means to them and how
it is inherently linked to their mothers.

19:45             MAILY BEYRENS – music, performance and video artist 

For Made In China Festival, Maily is showing a video made in

collaboration with their maternal grand-parents Yaying & Peixan, who

together with Maily’s mother, moved from China to Europe in the 80s. 
They recall the moments of their lives where rites and objects had to be chosen and carefully packed to be moved. Others had to be left behind, and would later be replaced by new ones. How does one physically and spiritually adapt to a new environment? Through this home-video style short movie, we look at how objects and routines become sediment layers forming around us, how walls become a house, become a home, become a shell and become us through time.


20:00              Interview TJA LING HU about her book of drawings Before I was Born


20:15              PAK YAN LAU born in Belgium, with roots from Hong Kong and now

based in Brussels, is a sound artist, improviser, musician and

composer. She is bringing a mind-track based on her Hong Kong memories and

background. Spooky stories, urban legends and the buzzing sound

environment of HK are her inspiration. Executed through prepared

piano, electronics and field recordings. This piece is specially

composed for Made in China Festival 2022.



Sarah will perform a few Chinese songs from her childhood memory.
Geoffrey Burton, guitar player and composer, will join her on stage for this unique performance. Together they will evoke the Chinese melodies that are lingering in Sarah’s vivid memories.


21:00              BOLIS PUPUL

Composed during his first visit to Hong Kong, his mother's hometown,

soundscape- dance music that will leave no one unmoved.

It’s no coincidence that Bolis Pupul’s music sounds the way it does.

Born in Belgium to a Chinese mother and Belgian father and raised in

the super-cool creative city of Ghent, Bolis’ music is a joyous cross-

cultural assemblage. Mixing widescreen electronica – think early Mr

Fingers-like techno and Yellow Magic Orchestra’s exuberant man-

machine minimalism – with the warm-hearted and wonky naivete of

Belgian New Beat, Bolis’ singular sonics are at once playful, emotive,

unrelenting and tender.

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__ Wen Ling _迷彩T恤衫2016之9 Camouflage T-shirt 2016 No.9_布上油画 Oil on
_ __ 和它们的艺术家_ 布面丙烯 _ 170×115cm×2 _ 2019.jpg
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