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Under the Hawthorn Tree

Zhang Yimou


Under the Hawthorn Tree

A man and a woman from different economic backgrounds fall in love during China's Cultural Revolution.

Set during the end of China's Cultural Revolution in a small village in Yichang City, Hubei Province, a pure love unfolds between beautiful city girl, Jing Qiu, and handsome young villager, Lao San. Jing Qiu, who lived a difficult life due to her father being labelled a "right-winger", is sent to the village at the age of 16 and meets Lao San, who has a promising future due to his father's high ranking military background. Even with the divide between their social backgrounds, romance blooms between the young couple, but will their love ever become fulfilled?

Sphinx Cinema

Sunday 10 March

17:00 - Introduction by Christophe Verbiest
18:00 - Film screening

113 min

Drama, Romance

Language: Mandarin

Subtitles: English

"Zhang Yimou delivers between flashy epics, this tender, understated romance which touches the heart with a disarming, almost stealthy sweetness."


About the Director

One of the most important and influential filmmakers in China, and a core member of China’s “Fifth Generation” directors, Zhang Yimou started his career as a cinematographer and later became a director in 1987. He was the first Chinese filmmaker to receive Motion Picture Academy recognition, having been nominated for the Best Foreign Film Academy Award for Ju Dou in 1990, Raise the Red Lantern in 1992 and Hero in 2003. He has earned numerous top honors, including the, the Golden Lion at the 45th Venice Film Festival for The Story of Qiu Ju (1992) and the Grand Jury Prize at the 47th Cannes Film Festival for To Live (1994). Zhang Yimou’s box office hit House of Flying Daggers was the recipient of multiple international awards as well as BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations for Best Foreign Film.

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Introduction on Zhang Yimou

Before the film, journalist Christophe Verbiest will introduce the oeuvre of director Zhang Yimou in Dutch. You can also buy tickets for just the film, which starts at 18:00.

Fun Fact

The film is based on a real-life story of the same title by acclaimed author Aimi. Three million copies of the book have been sold since it was first published in 2007. This bestseller was translated into Dutch by Katrien Coupez and Iege Vanwalle, and is available in this venue.

Watch the trailer:

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