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Short Films


Lei Jiawen, Qiu Sheng, Su Xia & Yan Yuxin



Short films 'The Lost Ox', 'Double Helix', 'The Bee and the Fly' & 'Geyizagei', followed by a Q&A with director Yan Yuxin


The Lost Ox by Lei Jiawen More info

2023 - 19 min - Mandarin - Subtitles: English

The invisible barrier that blocks the emotions between father and daughter is the very thing that leads these two lonely individuals down the path of loss.

Double Helix 生命之歌  by Qiu Sheng More info

2021 - 27 min - Mandarin - Subtitles: English

Late at night, Kong Xianyun and her younger brother Yuanyuan escape from their family house. They trek into an abandoned school, where Yuanyuan’s memories are awakened – the sound of books, piano, and laughter. Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire engulfs everything.

The Bee and the Fly by Su Xia More info

2022 - 6 min - Chinese - Subtitles: English

The Bee travelled with the Fly, blended in among the upper class in a metropolis and witnessed nothing but arrogance, extravagance, corruption and debauchery.

Geyizagei 那年夏天 by Yan Yuxin + Q&A More info

2022 - 30 min - Mandarin - Subtitles: English

The midsummer of 1992 in Sichuan Aba Muqia village, a ‘Qiang’ girl called Juan experienced her first menstruation and at the same time she becomes aware of special feelings for her best friend Hao. In the meanwhile an unexpected accident happens.

Sphinx Cinema

Tuesday 12 March


100 min


Language: Chinese

Subtitles: English

Q&A with Yan Yuxin, director of Geyizagei

Yuxin Yan (1997) obtained a master’s degree of Fine Art in 2022 in Shanghai Theatre Academy. Both her undergraduate and postgraduate major is film production. She has written and directed four student short movies which won several national and international film awards. Her works portray the culture of Chinese cultural ethnic minorities. Under the supervision of prof. Sabine Hillen (VUB) and prof. Katarzyna Ruchel-Stockmans (VUB), she is working on the VUB-CSC PhD Program on Arts, Linguistics and Literary studies.

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