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The Bee and the Fly

2022 - 6 min - Chinese - Subtitles: English

The Bee and the Fly


The Bee travelled with the Fly, blended in among the upper class in a metropolis and witnessed nothing but arrogance, extravagance, corruption and debauchery.

Sphinx Cinema

Tuesday 12 March


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About the Director

Su Xia is a professor and the dean of College of Film and Animation, China Academy of Art. His circular-screen work City Square (2010) was presented in the theme pavilion at Shanghai Expo and won many awards at both domestic and international festivals. His last animation short Gold is Eating People (2022) was selected in a number of prestigious festivals, including Made in China Festival, the 26th Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Fest Anča International Animation Festival.

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