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Live recording of the VRT NWS podcast China voorbij de muur (in Dutch)

From the Minard, journalists Tom van de Weghe and Veerle de Vos engage with a number of guests for their monthly podcast China voorbij de muur. This time they try to answer the question: Are we getting a distorted view of China? But also: what does it mean to have Chinese roots in Belgium and how has our view of China changed in recent times.

Guests: Lucas Yang (Asian Student Association), Sophia Honggokoesoemo (Untold Asian Stories), Mieke Matthyssen (sinologie UGent), Eva Rammeloo (voormalig correspondent in China), Boris Zeebroek & Sarah Yu Zeebroek

Veerle De Vos is a journalist at VRT NWS. China has fascinated her since the 1990s, when she lived there for 2 years and worked as an English teacher at a university in Wuhan. About that period she wrote the book 'In elke rivier schijnt een maan ' together with a Chinese friend. In 2023 she published ‘Alles onder de hemel. Ferdinand Verbiest en de ontdekking van China’, about the first meeting between China and the West.

Tom Van de Weghe is a VRT journalist specializing in China and Asia. He learned Chinese and in 2007 founded the first correspondent bureau from Beijing. For five years he reported for VRT on the most important events and developments in the region. Van de Weghe became America correspondent and bureau chief in Washington DC until 2016. In recent years, as a research fellow at Stanford University, he has investigated the impact of technology on geopolitical relations between China, Europe and the US.


Sunday 24 March


In Dutch

for the Made in China Festival Day

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