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    阿梗 AH GENG


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BIOGRAPHY / Won the People's Republic of China "National Excellent Teacher" by the Ministry of Education titles and medals: Associate Professor, School of Fine Arts, Western Academy of Art, Master Instructor, Member of the Animation Art Committee of the China Artists Association. A well-known picture book cartoonist in China, and a visiting scholar sent by the Ministry of Culture of China. Currently published in English by Oxford University Press Chinese version of picture book "Mulan", Oxford University Press English version of "Eight Dukes", Taiwan Green Culture Traditional Chinese version Picture book "Soup", French version "Tiptoe Look" comic series, German version "Tiptoe Look"1——6 volume, medium Manga "Looking on Tiptoes" in Chinese 1-6 books, Chinese personal painting collection "Orange Water Shadow", painting collection "Bu Bird", painting Collection "Time", the picture book "Spring Breeze", and the Chinese version of the picture book "The Last Bird Feather Clothes". Illustration and manga Published or distributed in Oxford University Press, Switzerland PAGUE Publishing House, China Sanlian Publishing House, Wave Langdansk

Culture Hall, French Xiaopan Publishing House, Japan Kyoto Asian Cartoonist Federation, Taiwan Green Huarui Books, Zurich, Switzerland etc.

Picture books and comics have been awarded the Literary Reading Award by the World Extensive Reading Foundation grand prize, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan "Tokyo 5th International Manga Award" - Silver Award”, Asian Comics Federation Illustration Gold Award, China Culture and Art Government Award "Anime Award", National Art Exhibition "China Art Award", Guangxi Literature and Art "Flower Award", Mountain Award", Guangxi major literary and artistic works award, Guangxi Literary and Artistic Creation "Bronze Drum Award", China State Press and Publication Administration "Prime Power" China Original Animation Publishing Support Program Project Award, etc. Repeatedly invited to join world authoritative comics or contemporary Arts festivals, which includes Angouleme Comics Festival, France, Comics Festival Erlangen, Germany, Paris France; Book Fair, Kyoto Cartoonist Convention, Gdansk City Art Festival, Poland etc.


    顾炳鑫 GU BINGXIN

1923 - 2001

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BIOGRAPHY / Professor Gu Bingxin is a highly respected painting artist and art educator. He was engaged in woodcut and comic creation in his early years. The woodcut "Medicine" he created was once exhibited in the plastic arts of socialist countries in Poland exhibition and was

Collection of Shanghai Lu Xun Memorial Museum. Beginning in the 1950s, he created a series of comic strips, "The Reconnaissance Story of Crossing the River", "Brother Little Braid and Me", "Little Hero Eighth Road" and other masterpieces had great influence, created a new trend of comic strips, and supported many young comic strip authors. "South Gu Bei Liu" is worthy of being the pioneer and leader of my country's contemporary new comic art art. At the end of the 1950s, he carefully collected and studied Chinese prints of Ming and Qing Dynasties, and published a series of treatises with great achievements. At the same time, he is committed to studying Chinese figure painting and traditional line drawing, and extensively draws on the rhythm and modeling formulas of opera art and various Traditional culture, which integrates self-cultivation, knowledge, and skills, has made great contributions to the continuous innovation of Chinese painting, and has become popular both at home and abroad. 

The painting circle enjoys a high reputation. The line-drawing figure paintings such as "Hero Spectrum" created in the early period have influenced the Chinese art circle's understanding of Chinese traditions. The pursuit of line drawing. The Chinese painting "All Power Belongs to the Peasant Association" created in his early years, and the "Picture of Playing Games" created in his later years are respectively collected by the Chinese Revolutionary History Museum and the Great Hall of the People.

In the 1980s, he devoted himself wholeheartedly to the education of Chinese figure painting.

Objects and paintings are compiled into teaching plans, and combined with their own art creation experience, they are systematically taught to students, and their life-long creation experience is unreserved. Passed on to students, cultivated many outstanding artistic talents.

After the 1990s, in the creation of Chinese figure paintings, he vividly portrayed traditional literary masterpieces and continuously created traditional culture. The new has made the greatest contribution of an old artist, and has won the literary and artistic approval of colleagues in the world, for the prosperity of the Chinese painting circle, for the art, to contribute to education.


    贺友直 HE YOUZHI

1922 - 2016

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BIOGRAPHY / He Youzhi (1922~2016), born in Shanghai, from Zhenhai, Ningbo, Zhejiang, is a famous comic book master and line drawing master in my country. Started drawing comics in 1949 and worked in Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House. He has been engaged in the creation of comics for more than 50 years, and has created more than 100 comics, making great contributions to the creation of comics and line drawing art in my country. He used to be the editor and reviewer of Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House. In 1980, he was seconded as a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He later became the fourth executive director of the China Artists Association, director of the Comic Book Art Committee of the China Artists Association, and vice-chairman of the Comic Book Research Association of the China Publishers Association. President, Vice Chairman of the 4th Shanghai Artists Association, Vice President of the 2nd China Comics Research Association, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Artists Association, Member of the Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (graduate tutor), Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House Editorial and other positions, enjoy special

allowances from the State Council. His long comic strip "Great Changes in Mountains and Villages" created in the 1960s is a landmark masterpiece. At that time, it consisted of He Youzhi's comic strips, Qi Baishi's Reform Danqing, Lin Fengmian's wonderful combination of Chinese and Western styles, Pan Tianshou's variant of literati paintings, Ye Qianyu's dance sketches, Huang Yongyu's "Ashima" prints, and Li Keran's sketches of the Yangtze River. The wave of fine arts has shaken, awakened and influenced a generation of Chinese artists. He Youzhi's works were collected by the National Art Museum of China, Shanghai Art Museum, and Guangzhou Art Museum. He was awarded by the Shanghai Municipal Government and won the first "China Art Award·Lifetime Achievement Award". He also taught at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore and the Higher Image Institute of Angoulin in France; he was awarded the honorary citizen certificate of Angoulin in France. His works have been held in "He Youzhi Art Exhibition" in France, Germany, Singapore, Britain, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea, Hong Kong, Shanghai Art Museum, Guangzhou Art Museum, etc.


    李昆武 LI KUNWU


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BIOGRAPHY / Li Kunwu (born 1955) is an exceptionally versatile artist. He is a painter, illustrator, caricaturist, journalist for the Yunnan newspaper (Yunnan Ribao) for almost 30 years and the author of some thirty illustrated works from his native province of Yunnan. He has also produced a dozen informative comics about France. Born during Mao's reign, into a generation where fine arts or academic training were taboo, he taught himself to draw as an autodidact. Through various encounters he came into contact with the world of comics and soon became known in France with his trilogy “Une vie Chinoise”. His impressive graphic work has been translated into some fifteen languages and shows contemporary Chinese history through the prism of its own history; all in a breathtaking style supported by his great knowledge of multiple artistic techniques: traditional painting, propaganda drawings, press drawings, caricatures, works with tight lines, ink drawings,

washed drawings, watercolours. Since 2015, Li Kunwu, in collaboration with Est-Ouest 371, has been developing new forms of artistic expression in large, or rather extremely large, format that can be seen more as contemporary art than comic strips. His drawings have already been exhibited in many places: at the Cernuschi Museum (Paris, 2015), at the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum (Albi, 2017), in Shanghai with the Michelin Corporate Foundation (2016) and with the Vuitton Collection (2018), at the Gorslinemuseum (Burgundy, 2016), at FRAC Auvergne (2018) and in La Rochelle (2020). François Schuiten and Li Kunwu both have a passion for trains, one created a train museum in an ancient jewel of Brussels railway architecture, the other investigated the railway line built in Yunnan province at the beginning of the 20th century. Together they worked on four drawings for the exhibition on the Beijing-Hankou line presented in Trainworld in 2021.


     李志武 LI ZHIWU


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BIOGRAPHY / LI Zhi Wu was born in 1962,in Yan'an in northern Shaanxi Province. Renowned designer of lianhuanhua (traditional Chinese comics), he has worked for the China Life Insurance Company since 1981. In his spare time, LI Zhiwu devotes himself to the creation of lianhuanhua. He adapted Le Monde Ordinaire by the famous writer LuYao as well as Au Pays du Cerf blanc by the famous writer Chen Zhongshi, two novels honored by the Mo Dun Prize for Chinese Literature. The Lianhuanhua Au Pays du Cerf Blanc has a total of 730 pages. This one was selected and exhibited for the 10th China National Fine Arts Exhibition. The French version of the latter was introduced in France by Editionsde la Cerise. The first print was made at

the Angoulême International Comics Festival. Then this novel was exhibited in different cities, such as Paris and Bordeaux. As for the lianhuahua Le Monde Ordinaire, it won the Bronze Prize at the 9th National Exhibition of Fine Arts of China. LU Yao appreciated this adaptation. LIZhiwu is named by the media as the last performer of traditional Chinese lianhuanhua. Roman was exhibited in different cities, such as Paris and Bordeaux. As for the lianhuaha Le Monde Ordinaire, it won the Bronze Prize at the 9th China National Fine Arts Exhibition. LU Yao appreciated this adaptation. LI Zhiwu is named by the media as the last performer of traditional Chinese lianhuanhua. 


     刘军 LIU JUN


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BIOGRAPHY / Ancestral home in Jiangsu Province, China. Born in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China in 1971. Started to create comics in the early 1990s, and entered a professional comics career in 1997. In 2000, he won the Grand Prize in the 1st China Mirinda Beijing Comic Contest. In 2007, he won the Best Drawing Skill Award for Story Comics at the 3rd Golden Dragon Awards in

China. He has strong interests in movies, literature, history, ancient Chinese paintings, ukiyo-e art, Chinese comic art, cold weapons and military, paleontology, etc. At present, Liu Jun is still engaged in the creation of comics and illustrations. He lives in Xiamen with his family. This beautiful subtropical island city has a unique influence on his aesthetic taste.


     吕玻 LU BO


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BIOGRAPHY / Lu Bo is the founder of SCREAM CLUB and SCREAM RECORDS, one of the godfathers of Chinese rock music. His ancestral home is in Laoshan, Shandong. He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of Shandong University of Arts in 1993, majoring in Chinese painting. During his studies, he accepted the baptism of rock music, germinated the ideal of joining the Chinese rock industry, and decided to leave the art world and join the music circle. From 1995 to 1997, he joined the Scorpio Culture founded by Guo Dawei, an agent of the former Tang Dynasty. ]; In 1998, Lu Bo opened the later famous underground rock livehouse howling club, which not only became a holy place for youth activities in Wudaokou and even Beijing, but also led the wave of punk music in the whole country.

Almost all famous media in the world have interviewed here, Howling Club, together with the boring army bands active here, will be recorded in the annals of Chinese rock and roll! During the period from 1999 to 2006, Howling Records produced more than 100 Chinese rock music records of all kinds, with all-inclusive and strong styles, and became a solid supporter, powerful promoter and faithful recorder of the history of Chinese rock music. . . . . . In 2006, Lu Bo founded Beijing SCREAM Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd., continued to sign new bands and produced rock music records one after another. In 2011, Lv Bo lived in Sweden with his wife and daughter, and began to create his first full-length hand-drawn comic "1937 Songhu Battle". . .


     陸明 LU MING


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BIOGRAPHY / This young author is 30 years old, he graduated from the Central School of Fine Arts in Beijing and studied Design. He began his career in 1999, while still in high school. After ten long years of practice, he has forged his own artistic style. Apart from his activities as a comic strip creator, he works for the cinema and participates in the design of major advertising campaigns. His main publications: The Child Who Discovers the Mountain of Snow published by the Maison d'Editions des Beaux Arts de Chine in 2003. The Soul of the Dragon: published in 2003 in Hong Kong, then selected in a larger collection for the 30th anniversary of his death by Bruce Lee. Le Saut: published in France in 2008, then selected and included in the Chroniques de Beijing collection. The Millennium: published in Japan in 2008. The Seven Swords: published by the Guangxien Normal University Publishing

House in 2005, then selected in a collection of comics adaptedfrom the film of the same name. Animation work: Dragon and Tiger Gate for the eponymous film, made in Hong Kong in 2006. Illustrations in the series Beijing 2008 large format advertisements made for Adidas during the Beijing Olympics. Participation in the films L’Empire celeste du Juge-Di and Warriors in armor fallen from the sky in the Valley of the Dragon in 2010. In 2014, he published Hard Melody in France for Mosquito editions.

World-class vision and aesthetics. Years of plastic arts study at the Central Academy of Fine Arts cultivated my artistic accomplishment and modeling skills necessary for this industry!

Have experience and skills in modeling design, visual development, storyboard and screenwriting.


     倪少儒 NI SHAORU


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BIOGRAPHY / Independent Animation Director, Storyboard Artist; Consultant for Animated Film Projects / co-editor of One Lonely World (Wang Ning)

Independent Animation Director, Storyboard

Artist; Consultant for Animated Film Projects. Graduated from the world's top animation school, the French Goblin Animation School, and participated in projects with a team of world-class directors and masters.




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BIOGRAPHY / Born in Calcutta, India in 1943, he has been engaged in the creation of comic strips since 1977. The main comic works created in the 1970s and 1980s include: "Come Back, Roland", "Pavlov", "Top Ten Mysteries of the World", "Roentgen", "Oliver Twist" and more than a dozen comic strip villains Book. Nie Chongrui's painting works are profound and solid, and his creative ideology is avant-garde. His works are deeply loved by readers in overseas markets. From 1979 to 1995, he worked in Beijing Slideshow Factory. After 1997, he worked in China People's Fine Arts Publishing House as an art editor for a children's comic magazine. In 2004, he was hired as a full-time cartoonist by Beijing Tianshi Panorama Culture Communication Co., Ltd. 

In 2006, he completed the first batch of Chinese original comics published in France: the Liao Zhai series of comics "Jia Er", which was published in France. In 2007, he began to create the second Liaozhai series of comics "Phantom of the Ancient Temple". The work lasted for one year and was completed in 2008 and published in France. In 2009, he began to create the third large-scale series of comics "Legend of Bao Zheng" and it has been published in France. In 2010, the book received congratulatory letters from the Minister of Culture of France and the Mayor of Paris, and was selected as the art textbook of a French art school that year. In 2011, at the Paris Book Fair, the book was selected as one of the 12 most popular comic works in 2010 by the French "Parisian" magazine.




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BIOGRAPHY / Pang Bangben, a famous serial painter and oil painter, his works have been selected into the National Art Exhibition, major commemorative exhibitions and European touring exhibitions for many times, and won the National Art Exhibition, National Comic Strip, National Art Book Award and China Book Award. It was included in the "200 Chinese Calligraphers and Painters Worth Collecting Works of the 20th Century" by "Collection Reference Daily". He is fond of Western literature and has repeatedly illustrated the works of Balzac, Stendhal and Dostoevsky. As a senior editor, he devoted

himself to promoting the development of new comics in China in the 1980s. In 1998, he organized the "First China Original Comics Exhibition" in the National Art Museum of China. The 6th World Comic Con. He has won various awards for his outstanding achievements in painting. He is currently an expert of the Expert Committee of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on Supporting the Development of the Animation Industry of the State Council, and the Executive Deputy Director of the Animation Art Committee of the China Artists Association. Annual Exhibition Judges.




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BIOGRAPHY / Wang Xiaoming is the creator of numerous award-winning picture books. He graduated in 1962 with a degree in fine art, and is known for his humorous stories.

He has won China’s National Book Award, the

Noma Literary Prize from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Center, and in 2004 was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award, the most prestigious award in children’s literature.


     早稻 ZAO DAO


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BIOGRAPHY / Born in the 90s in Guangdong, southern China, Zao Dao is one of the youngest artists of the Chinese avant-garde. Draftsman and illustrator, her favorite working instruments are the pencil and the paintbrush, whether in ink or watercolour, and on any type of paper. She favors textural effects. She began to publish her drawings and illustrated pages on the internet in 2011 and she has since been recognized as a

talented designer, endowed with a great sense of imagination and an original style. Her drawing talent is appreciated by all. Under her brush, the characters she creates often give the impression that she is a rebellious and marginal teenager, but deep down, she is a young girl who has a good heart and loves freedom.
Her motto: "Create life and savor his work with his brush."


     易斯翔 YI SIXIANG


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BIOGRAPHY / Born in Wuhan in March 1983, he loved painting since childhood. Growing up in the company of a series of classic comic works such as traditional comic strips, "Master of Humor", "The King of Picture Books", "Science Fiction World Illustrated", and thus planted the seeds of comic creation in my heart. After graduating from a master's degree in design in 2009, he has been engaged in editing and publishing work in

Beijing, and is now a senior art editor. Inspired by the unique charm of ancient books and classics throughout the past and present, in December 2020, a comic work derived from "Zhuangzi"-"Image Notes: Happy Journey" was published on the Internet. Now I am creating a series of graphic novels based on the classics of Zhiguai.




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BIOGRAPHY / Zhang Leping (simplified Chinese: 张乐平; traditional Chinese: 張樂平; pinyin: Zhāng Lèpíng, November 10, 1910 – September 27, 1992) was a Chinese comic artist born in JiaxingZhejiang province. He played a key role in the development of modern manhua in China, and is mostly remembered for his work in Sanmao.

In 1924 Zhang lived in extreme poverty and was unable to continue his primary school education. In the fall of 1927 his area was attacked by the Northern Expedition army. By 1928 at the age of 18 years, with the support of relatives, he was recommended by the teachers to re-enter school for a period of formal art education.[1]

In a short time the January 28 Incident occurred in 1932 and his artistic skills became the highest demand. China would use comics in anti-Japanese advertising in publications.[2] His comic career would officially begin in 1934. In just one year, he would become part of the anti-Japanese comic propaganda team.

When he initially created Sanmao in 1935 his main goal was to convey the hardship of the Japanese aggression in China through the eyes of the children, especially orphans. He wanted to express his concern for the young victims, particularly the real orphans on the streets. Therefore, Sanmao became the symbol for those children.

In the 1950s he worked for the Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House, the Shanghai-based Liberation Daily and the Shanghai Youth and Children's Publishing House.[3]

During the Cultural Revolution, Zhang faced persecution, and was consequently forced to stop writing. Following the Cultural Revolution, he transferred from Liberation Daily to the Children's Publishing House. On 1977 June 1, after ten years of absence, Zhang returned to his Sanmao comic.

In 1983, Zhang Leping received the "National Advanced Children and Young Workers" award. In the same year, he contracted severe Parkinson's disease; in spite of the difficulty in drawing he consequently encountered, he continued his cartooning career. In 1985, he received the "Yushu Award" and became the editor-in-chief of Shanghai's Manga World magazine. He produced his final comic strip in 1986, titled People to Old Age (人到老年).

In 1989, Sanmao, a famous Taiwanese female writer, came to Shanghai to find him, and he hailed her as a literary genius. In his later years, Zhang Leping devoted great enthusiasm to the cultural exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. In 1991, he won the special prize for his People's Cross-Strait Love essay by the Central People's Broadcasting Station. On April 4, 1991, his last comic book, "Cat Feeding Rats", was published in the Liberation Daily. In the winter of the same year, Zhang decided to donate the manuscript of San Mao to the Shanghai Art Museum[4]

On 1992 September 27, Zhang Leping died in the Shanghai Huadong Hospital; he was 81 years old.

The Sanmao comics were translated throughout his career and introduced to other countries. The character has also been the main attraction in a number of movies, cartoons and other forms of on stage theatricals.[5]


A public trial was held in 1997 in the First Intermediate People's Court of Shanghai to settle the lawsuit of who owned the rights to the Sanmao character and comics after the death of the author. The judgement was mostly in favour of the author's widow and children.[6]

The Zhang Leping Picture Book Award was founded in his honour in 2016.[7]




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BIOGRAPHY / Born in 1975, ZHANG Xiaoyu is originally from the town of Anshun in Guizhou Province in the Southern China. Graduated from Guizhou Art University, ZHANG has moved to Chengdu, the local capital of Sichuan Province, where he has worked as artistic director and editor for a publishing house. With more than 20 comic books completed, he is now considered as a leading figure in the Chinese comic artist community. A dozen of his comic works were published by prestigious European publishers, among others Humanoids, Casterman, Ankama, Mosquito and Gleant, and in more than 10 countries worldwide. ZHANG has become one of the most popular comic artists among the comic books readers in the world.
ZHANG is also actively involved in the publication

of “Science fiction world”, a Chinese magazine specialized in Sci-Fi stories. ZHANG has received several awards from Chinese and French top comic prizes: •"L'envol"-the gold medal in the 3rd National Comic Contest in 2001.

"Save Humanity"-the Gold Award of the 5th National Comic Contest and the Outstanding Script Award in 2005.

•"The Clown"-the gold medal in the 7th National Comic Contest in 2008.

“Ma Sheng” and "The Floating Temple" -the "Golden Elephant Award" at the 38th Festival de la Bande Dessinée de Chambéry and the

"Golden Monkey Award" at the 10th China International Animation Festival in 2014.


     秦畅 QIN CHANG


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BIOGRAPHY / Pen name: Beimingmao was born in 1990, graduated from the animation department of Tianjin University. He has been engaged in game, film and television design for many years and has not lost his love for comic art. He has always insisted on honing his hand-painting skills and is willing to try various Painting materials, the beloved traditional arts of the East and the West have also become one of the essential elements in the creation of illustrations and comics today. 

He is good at creating prototypes based on small animals around him, and has written a collection of works "White Pupil Collection". In 2018, participated in the training project of the National Culture and Art Fund, and was invited to create the back cover for the French version of the comic book "Painting China" created by the French comic master Edmond Baudoin.


     王宁 WANG NING


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BIOGRAPHY / Founder and CEO of Total Vision: `

From 1989 to 2004, as animation production, animation design and animation

director, Wang Ning participated in the animation production of the Barcelona

Olympic Games mascot, the “Three Kingdoms”, “Fuukojis”, “The Son of the Sun”, “The Brothers of Haier”, “Little Mouse on Prairie” and dozens of animated feature films and short films. He also produced cartoons for CCTV and customers from many countries and regions, including Malaysia, France, Spain, the United States, and Hong Kong.

In 2004, Wang Ning established Beijing Total Vision Culture Spreads CO., LTD. As the earliest comic book agent to cooperate with European and American publishing companies, he has exported more than 100 original Chinese comics copyrights from more than 60 Chinese authors to European and American countries. Wang Ning was engaged as a judge for many major domestic animation festivals such as China International Animation Festival, China


International Comics Festival, Xiamen International Comics Festival, Asian Youth Animation Contest, etc. He also gave speeches about Chinese comics’ history and culture at many internationally renowned comic festivals, such as the Angouleme Comics Festival in France. Besides, Wang Ning is a guest lecturer to explain how Chinese comics are linked to the European market at more than ten universities, including the Beijing Film Academy, the Communication University of China, the China Academy of Art and the Central Academy of Fine Arts. 

The Great Piece of European Comics Exhibition organized by Wang Ning has been exhibited at China International Comics Festival, China (Changzhou) Animation Art Week, China International Comics Festival, Beijing (Xiedao) International Animation Expo and other national anime festivals. The exhibition has been shown at more than a dozen domestic animation festivals and a number of artistic colleges. It is very popular among local readers and professional college students.

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