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March 26

     辰光恰恰好 CHACHA

Z杨成桦 & 张上 YANG Chenghua & ZHANG Shangou
2/ Short movie / China, France / 13 min

SYNOPSIS / Two middle-aged couples with very different personalities and habits meet in France for some reason and embark on a meaningful and extraordinary journey in an unfamiliar country.


The artist couple YANG Chenghua and ZHANG Shang work in animation, comics, games and visual design in both China and France.

They founded ""Papayep"", an independent comic magazine with ancillary brand in 2017.
In 2021, an animation studio with the same name was established in Paris. The couple is currently working on an original animation series as well as several comic books.



March 26

     焦急  RESTLESS   

Zhang Dongliang
2018 / Short movie / China / 28 min

SYNOPSIS / Hong is over forty now. She loves keeping herself charming even when life itself is full of trouble. One day by accident she found out some strange behavior of her daughter. And her husband is causing problems as well. Meanwhile she has to take care of the sick father-in-law for who she took care for years. More and more she feels herself drowning and she feels hopeless. Will she be able to solve the family crisis this time or what terrible trials await her?


DIRECTOR / Zhang Dongliang was graduated from Beijing Film Academy directing at the department for MFA.
Restless is his graduation work which has won the Silver Award in the Beijing Film Academy Student work competition in 2018.



March 26


 黄雪卉  Xuehui Huang
2021/ Short movie / China / 12 min

SYNOPSIS / A jealous husband uses a memory developer solution on his wife, but his attempt to erase all of her potential cheating partners ends up erasing all traces of himself as well.


DIRECTOR/ Animation director and independent creator, graduated from Zhejiang University as an undergraduate and later received her MFA from Hong Kong Baptist University Film School. She has participated in the pre-production of many films and animations, and continues to create independently with great enthusiasm, exploring more unique and resonant storytelling possibilities.

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