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Sanju Udas and Raju Thapa arrived in Ghent ten years ago to study. Sanju studied Food Technology at Denomination while Raju obtained a degree in Animal Production. Although the couple initially planned to only complete their studies in Ghent, they fell in love with the city. They opened a grocery store in the Rabot and started offering takeaway as well.
© Jill Dhondt
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© Jill Dhondt
The Rabot Dumpling House dumplings are special in many ways. You get them in all kinds of shapes and colors: yellow, purple, red, green. Sanju is noticeably proud that she makes the dyes herself, based on fresh vegetable juice. This gives each dumpling a different, intense taste. Sanju clearly likes to experiment, an offshoot of her education, with the dough but also with the filling. “Each dumpling is made with love and care,” she says. “It is important to us that they are tasty, but also healthy. That is why we only work with local, fresh, healthy products.”
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