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Wu Fei, Sarah Yu & Geoffrey Burton: Memory & Remembrances (6+) - SOLD OUT

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Chinese children's songs, calligraphy and dumplings.

Made in China festival and Ha' invite Wu Fei, Sarah Yu Zeebroek and musician Geoffrey Burton to work on a short concert for children at the Ha Concerts for two days. They start from Chinese children's songs and popular Chinese pop songs and during their residency they will try to transform them into something new and sparkling for the youngest visitors of Made in China festival.

After the concert, graphic artist Dong Yingda will lead the children into the magical world of calligraphy in a workshop. Afterwards, they can feast on delicious Chinese dumplings!

Memory & Remembrances

Wu Fei, Sarah Yu Zeebroek, Geoffrey Burton (music), Dong Yingda (visual artist - calligraphy)

In collaboration with Ha Concerts.

Ha Concerts

Sunday 17 March


Who's Who

Wu Fei is a well - known musician who has mastered playing the guzheng down to the smallest detail of her body. The guzheng is a Chinese string instrument that has been played for more than 2000 years. You could think of it as a lying harp with 21 strings. Many emperors of China were enchanted by this beautiful instrument, which is also sometimes called a Chinese zither.

Sarah Yu Zeebroek is a visual artist, illustrator and musician. She is an illustrator by training and makes both free work and commissioned work for newspapers, magazines, theater companies, cultural centers, libraries, museums and music groups. Her work shows the rich imagination that takes place in her day and night dreams. This is often peppered with surreal scenes and has a humorous slant, but is never looking for the joke itself. Sarah lives and works in Ghent and in addition to being a visual artist, she is also active as a musician. She has her own band Hong Kong Dong (together with Boris Zeebroek and Geoffrey Burton) and also appears as a guest musician on other projects such as L Jacobs and Bolis Pupul.

Graphic artist Dong Yingda is an illustrator and researcher based in Ghent, he is currently pursuing his PhD at LUCA School of Arts and KU Leuven. His research focuses on how visual language can integrate interculturality through illustration. He throws diverse materials, techniques and traditions in the mix to record his own life experience. Yingda Dong recently published his new picture book Matisse’s Journey for the first

solo exhibition of Henri Matisse in China.

Geoffrey Burton is a Belgian guitarist. He emerged on the local scene in the early nineties. Gradually making a name for himself he became internationally active as a musician, composer and producer when he started working with local hero Arno. A collaboration that would last for 15 years. While and after playing with Arno other artists would solicit his talents. Iggy Pop, Bashung, Botanica, Misia, Stephan Eicher, Toby Dammit, Daan, Triggerfinger, Sophie Hunger, Jacques Higelin and many others. Geoffrey Burton's style has always been about looking for the unexpected. What you see is not what you get.

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