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Masterclass & Film

Masterclass & Film


Wednesday 13 March

19:00 - Masterclass (in Dutch)
20:30 - Screening: 'The Pluto Moment' (Chinese with English subtitles

The Captivating World of Chinese Cinema

Enjoy our Chinese Movie Masterclass by Christophe Verbiest, followed by the screening of The Pluto Moment  冥王星时刻 (2018). You can also buy tickets for the film screening without the masterclass.

19:00 Masterclass: Cinema in the (People's Republic of) China: Extremes in the Middle Kingdom.


Chinese film history is one of extremes. Flourishing in the 1930s and 1940s, Chinese cinema was increasingly restricted in the first decades of the People's Republic. During the Cultural Revolution there was hardly any mention of cinema. From the 1980s onwards, more openness followed and Chinese cinema also became known beyond the country's borders. In the 21st century, China is a two-stream country in terms of cinema. Hollywood-style blockbusters stand shoulder to shoulder with the experimental cinema of radical eigenheimers.

Christophe Verbiest is editor of Espresso (Klara) en film critic for De Morgen.

20:30 Screening The Pluto Moment (2018)

Loosely based on The Tale of Darkness, a traditional song of mourning, the film follows Wang Zhun, a director in search of inspiration for his new script, as he embarks on an unpredictable trek across China’s remote Shennongjia mountains.

In collaboration with KASKcinema.


The Pluto Moment 冥王星时刻

Zhang Ming


Wang Zhun, a film director living in Shanghai, travels to the deep mountains of southwest China seeking the inspiration for his film. He is accompanied by Ding Hongmin, the savvy producer; Bai, a handsome young actor just beginning his career; and Du Chun, the videographer and an admirer of Wang Zhun. Over time, the crew, even though they are led by the knowledgeable local guide Luo, not only get lost in the distant mountains, but they also encounter difficulties with their lodging and transportation.

110 min

Language: Chinese

Subtitles: English

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