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The Cord of Life 脐带

Qiao Sixue


The Cord of Life 脐带

Modernity versus tradition in Inner-Mongolia.

Tokyo International Film Festival - Selection
Hainan Island International Film Festival - Selection

Alus, a Mongolian electronic musician confused about what he wants in life, cannot bear to see his mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, living like a captive in his brother’s city apartment, so he decides to take her back to the grassland in search of the home she yearns for. As his mother’s condition worsens, Alus tries to stop her from getting lost by tying his mother to him with a rope. The rope is like an umbilical cord that reconnects him to his mother’s thoughts, his hometown, and his native culture.

Sphinx Cinema

Sunday 3 March


96 min


Language: Mandarin / Mongolian

Subtitles: English

"The Cord of Life is a triumph."

Brian Hioe, Cinema Escapist

About the Director

Qiao Sixue was born in Inner Mongolia, China. After graduating from 3IS Ecoles & Formations d'audiovisuel à Paris de la France Academy, at the end of 2015, she worked at KOI Films Company in Paris and participated in dozens of short films. The Cord of Life is her debut feature.

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Watch the trailer:

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