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‘Imagined-In-China’ blogs

These days, when we read news from China, it seldom has a positive tone. The narrative is often about distrusting, fearing or blaming China. This seems to fit a world that is going from one crisis to the next, leaving little room for enthusiasm about the future – and definitively not one coming from China.

In a series of blogs, Pascal Coppens counterbalances this negative trend by sharing novel ‘Made-In-China’ ideas, innovations and achievements. Major evolutions that could make China and the world better, more convenient, healthier, smarter, safer and more sustainable. These ‘Imagined-in-China’ blogs unveil the many 'China-made' extraordinary breakthroughs during the past year.


Sunday 24 March

17:00 & Continuously

In English

for the Made in China Festival Day

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