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A young female named Pai lives alone in Beijing. She keeps drifting from here and there in the city: school, rental place, party or even hospital. But deeply a tiring and detached feeling to life has captured her. She is in such emotions that she cannot be devoted to life itself…

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Director Xu Jianshang


Xu Jianshang is an up-coming director-producer who graduated from Beijing Film Academy directing department in 2018 for MFA. Her graduation work Void was competing in Wide Angle Busan IFF 2018. As producer, MA•AMA (India/China) is her first international production feature which has won the Best Film in National Award in India, Best Cinematography in Shanghai IFF New Talents Award in 2019. She is working with the same Indian director Dominic Sangma with his second film Rapture which has been selected in La Fabrique Cinema, Film Bazaar CPM and won the Hulbert Bals Fund in 2019.