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Sarah Yu Zeebroek (1983) is a flâneur, based in Ghent. She strolls at ease through the world of music and illustration, theatre and visual art. As an illustrator she works for newspapers and magazines in Belgium and the Netherlands (De Morgen, Humo, NRC handelsblad, VPRO Gids). As a performer she plays music in her own band Hong Kong Dong and in the L.Jacobs Band. Her main instruments are the violin and bass guitar/synth, occasionally she chokes on a flute.

In a more different outfit you can find her on stage making live visuals/drawings during concerts or theatre plays. According to Sarah, painting in front of an audience is a challenging performance. One that she’s very keen on.

Sarah feels the need to make work that isn’t commissioned. She makes paintings, prints and drawings independently/autonomously and shows them on a regular basis in galleries or at exhibitions.

Lately she has been active as a stage designer for several theatre productions (Walpurgis, Zonzo Compagnie, Campo, 4Hoog).

For Sarah it is important to be able to work on stage and off stage. She feels that drawing in front of an audience stimulates and enhances her solitary work in the studio. It’s a completely different energy, one cannot be without the other, according to Sarah.


At Made in China Festival Sarah will perform a few Chinese songs from her childhood memory. Geoffrey Burton, guitar player and composer, will join her on stage for this unique performance. Together they will evoke the Chinese melodies that are lingering in Sarah’s vivid memories.

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Geoffrey Burton
Having played guitar with an impressive list of national and international artists, ranging from Arno to Iggy Pop, Sophie Hunger, even a one time stint with Grace Jones, and Alain Bashung, to name but a few, Geoffrey Burton's guitar wizardry is set firm in his love for minimalism, fragmented chords, and off-kilter melodies.

On his debut album 'Me Ta Podia' (Greek for By Foot), Burton explores his instrument and connects it to his inner world, easily managing to surpass merely showing off skills. Throughout the ten tracks on this impressive debut, Burton dances like creates an atmosphere that is uniquely his own, at times making his guitar sound like anything but a guitar.