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Maily B Xu's navigates between the world of music, performance and video. 
Hovering over the poetics of everyday life, their work is often site-specific and collaborative, using personal objects and rituals as a starting point for installations that form sets for performances. 

As a musician and image-maker, they express their love for melancholy through lyrical pop, beats and fieldrecordings.

For Made In China Festival, Maily is showing a video made in collaboration with their maternal grand-parents Yaying & Peixan, 

also known as Ye-Ye and Nai-Nai, who together with their mother, moved from China to Europe in the 80s. 

Together, they recall the moments of their lives where rites and objects had to be chosen and carefully packed to be moved.
Others had to be left behind, and would later be then replaced by new ones. 
How does one physically and spiritually adapt to a new environment? 
Through this home-video style short movie, 
we look at how objects and routines become sediment layers forming around us,  – how walls become a house, become a home, become a shell and become us through time.