Summer is the Coldest Season

Director: Zhou Sun

Although the core event of the story centers around juvenile delinquency, Summer is the Coldest Season doesn’t focus on the crime itself.

Instead, the film demonstrates how the 13 year-old Jiahe, a sensitive and introverted girl, deals with the consequences. It shows how she survives through the death of her mother, how she reacts to the fact thatminors are not obligated to bear criminal responsibilities and how she reforms the relationship with her father and regains his trust in the end.


About the director

Zhou Sun, Chinese female director, graduated from the Director Department of Beijing Film Academy in 2013. Summer is the Coldest Season is her debutfeature.


2020 Seoul International Women’s Film Festival    

Best Director 2020 Hong Kong International Film Festival - Main Competition

2020 Pingyao International Film Festival - Crouching Tigers Competition

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