Gold is eating people

For rent as a package with
Fortune Cookie & Coffin

Director: Su Xia


There is an old saying in China: “People die for wealth; birds die for food.” Su  Xia’s animated short film Gold isEating People provides an innovative manifestation of such a proverb. When gold is discovered, people ofdifferent classes fight for it unscrupulously. Human connection in all forms collapses for avarice.

The bright background color and the yellow-tone moving image forms strong contrast. The smart use of Chinese traditional percussion instruments in thesoundtrack creates suspense and drama at once. Its unforgettable artistic style definitely makes this parable about greed fresh and provocative.

Director_SU Xia.png

About the director


SU Xia is a professor and the dean of College of Film 

and Animation, China Academy of Art.

His circular screenwork City Square (2010) was 
presented in the theme pavilion at Shanghai Expo 
and won many awards at both domestic and international festivals. His short fiction film Derailment (2014) was 
selected for the 38th Montreal International Film Festival.