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Director: Zeng Zhi

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A cleaner works alone in the underground garage every day. The things that keep him company are the heavy rain and the leaking room.


The triviality and repetition of real life force every modern person to become an aphasic person living in a closedspace. Indifference and alienation become more and more prominent in the anxiety of hopeless communication. Therefore, the work shows the inner cry of people suffering from spiritual crisis through the fiction of a world of underground garage - - in the face of difficulties, eager to speak. The helpless evolution of “hello” has become a hopeless “hell” of communication.

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About the director


Born in 1975, graduated from Changsha University of Science and Technology, ZENG Zhi is a well-known film and television advertising director and producer.

The director’s many works have won many international advertising awards. He has a rich experience in video production and excellent creative ability.

Hello is his debut cinematic short.