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Wrath of Silence

Director: Xin Yukun

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Wrath of Silence - Song Yang as ZHANG Ba

ZHANG Baomin (SONG Yang) is a miner who works far away from home because of some disputes he had with the townsfolk years ago, whilst his wife and son remain near the mountains running a small sheep farm.

One day, Baomin learns that his son Lei hasn't come back from shepherding for two days. He goes back to find his son. His appearance back in town makes people anxious.

Searching for his son, Baomin heads for the rough and dangerous mountains, but the resentment and distrust of the townsfolk leads them to turn a blind eye to the reality of a missing child, and the corruption and danger permeating their lives.

 "Taking his cue from auteurs like Johnnie To and Park Chan-wook, Xin has now established himself as one of China's most astute makers of taut, gritty thrillers" THR

Director(s) Statement:

"People are so different but fundamentally the same. Their lives entangle yet their fates differ. I witnessed a mountain explode and collapse when I was a child. The image has haunted me even to this day. As I grew up and entered society, carried by the social currents, I saw another mountain collapse. its spalls scatter and the thunderous sounds linger around my ear. The mountain is towering. Its paths winding and precipitous. And it stops a father from finding his son." 


Movie review by Sven Hollebeke

Kuleshov - Urgent FM

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About the director

Xin Yukun

Born in 1984 in China, Xin Yukun graduated from the Photography Department at the Beijing Film Academy. His debut feature THE COFFIN IN THE MOUNTAIN was a popular hit in China and garnered industry and critical praise. The thriller, set in the Chinese countryside and rich in black humor, was acclaimed for its sophisticated structure of twists and turns. Xin embeds grim images and exquisite narrative structure into his films, which seeks to shine a light on the fundamental human nature through intricate human relations and plot lines.

Interview with Xin Yukun in Eastern Kicks

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