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Jan Van Loon

Jan is a strategic consultant based in Shanghai who over the past 15 years brought unique problem-solving approaches to a range of local and international clients in brand strategy and operationalization, portfolio planning, customer service and brand innovation. His working experience as an insight and innovation specialist at Procter & Gamble prior to this enables Jan to go beyond just understanding consumers, rather allows him to translate insights back into superior product and brand experiences. 

Jan brings with him a unique combination of international and local sensibilities to the work in China (and beyond) to unlock insights that cannot be uncovered by the sort of superficial research that has become standard in China. 

Jan's unique way of deconstructing and understanding behavior from first principles and building it back into a business-friendly framework has been at the forefront of his success with clients for many years to instill brand growth. 

Jan is of Belgian nationality and has been living in China since 2004, experiencing the changes that are taking place firsthand, putting him in the unique position to bridge the cultural boundaries between East and West.