__ Wen Ling _迷彩T恤衫2016之9 Camouflage T-shirt 2016 No.9_布上油画 Oil on Canvas_120x140cm_2016.jp

Wen Ling 温凌, born 1976, Beijing, graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1996; Wen Ling is a professional artist living and working in Beijing. His artistic work spans a wide range of areas, including animation, photography and painting. He is the author of one of China's first photo blogs, ziboy, a founding member of the Green School art association and a member of the painting group N12. In recent years, Wen Ling has focused on comics and has published his own comic book 54boy, One Day in My Life and FMB.

Wen Ling is also actively linking his artistic work to everyday life, designing and producing WeChat emoji packs, bus cards, clothing and toys…




_ __ 和它们的艺术家_ 布面丙烯 _ 170×115cm×2 _ 2019.jpg

Yan Cong (1983, Hubei, China)

Yan Cong, birth name Peng Han, is currently based in Beijing and was graduated from The Central Academy of Fine Arts, Chinese painting department in Beijing. His creation of work is diversifying, like comic, acrylic painting, collage and even fabric art. The content of the works tend to himself as the protagonist, the structure is in his own life as the foundation, but in which mixed with a lot of fiction fantasy, let the audience mistakenly think that work is the artist's life, There is a sense of "reality".